Bryan Traum

Owner of EcoEgo and CSR advisor

Tania Ellis

Managing Director & Special Advisor The Social Business Company and The New Pioneers

Jakob Ingholt

Concept Developing, Gardening and planner of sustainable communities.

Søren Bo Steendahl

Partner and digital director at Kadaver. Follow him at Twitter

Oleg Koefoed

Action philosopher,  Co-founder and co-director at Cultura21. External Lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, Partner at Growing-Pathways.

Kajsa Li Paludan

Special Sustainability Advisor at George Mason University (USA), Co-Founder/Co-Director at Cultura21, Partner at Growing-Pathways.

Charline Charli Skovgaard

PR, communication & consultancy. Founder of FairStyles, Protect, Fair Welcome & My Fair Shop

Kasper Maxmiling Hjorth

Concept developer. Founder of BeautifulPeople, partner at and founder & CEO at

Andreas Hjorth Frederiksen

Director of Social+

Rolf Bjerre

Social growth hacker at and candidate for Alternativet

Mette Sillesen

Futurist at Future Navigator

Frej Schmedes

Heart & Bones Film Production and Freelance Film maker

Jacob Egholm

Freelance Web and .NET developer at netMover

Martin Kæstel Nielsen

Founder, Idealist at parentNode and developer, writer, philosopher at

Anders Pedersen

Frontend Developer at

Ingrid Haug

User Experience Designer at

Philip Leth-Sørensen

Strategy & marketing, digital development and WordPress integrations. Partner at

Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt

Jewellery designer, goldsmith and founder/owner of Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt, Jewellery in Life…